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The battle for Engelen. Some history.

The history of Engelen goes 1200 years back In the year 1587 a significant event occurred: “The Battle of Engelen”
What lead to this event and what was exactly happening?
Engelen was situated on a strategic point which provoked skirmishes every now and then. That is why fortifications were build: Fort Crèvecoeur and Engelerschans (entrenchment) in 1579.
The entrenchments were built by Claudius van Berlaymont, Lord of Haultepene, who was the Spanish Commander. During the Eighty Years’ War his troops monitored and defended the mouth of the river Dieze, flowing into the river Maas and the shipping traffic on the rivers.
In 1587 on the 13th of July was the beginning of the battle of Engelen between the Spanish troops and the Dutch State troops lead by Count Von Hohenlohe.
Claudius van Berlaymont was killed in this battle.
Soon after this battle the fortifications were still very important during the Siege of ‘s-Hertogenbosch by the Dutch State Army lead by Count van Solms. The Count was assigned to protect also Fort Crèvecoeur because it was the most important entrance gate for troops and supplies needed for the Siege of
‘s-Hertogenbosch. For that purpose a line of defence was built between the two fortifications.
















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